Push button type ATC setting head Zeta (ζ)-1

Quantitative correction just by pushing the push button.
High quality machining is maintained by automatic feedback compensation.

Zeta-1 + LED indication unit
Zeta-1 + Pushing unit

Product features

  • 1 push / 1 micron correction by push button
    Compensation operation is completed with a light pushing force (about 40N)
  • Compact housingThe original pressure boosting mechanism converts the power to about 100 times, and the tilting wedges facing each other forcibly correct it.
    Tilt compensation developed by technical know-how for elastic deformation.
  • One push “1 micron (φ2μm)” and quantitative correction
    No dial gauge is needed to see the amount of movement. The troublesome work of locking after performing the correction operation is not necessary, and the correction operation can be done quickly with Easy, and the machine stop time can be minimized.
  • Correction can be changed not only manually but automatically
    Manpower saving/unmanned support possible
Zeta-1 ATC correction head specifications
Illustration of pushing unit on machine
  • Correction amount
    200 μm (0.4 mmφ) ±100 μm/r from center axis
    At the position 100 L from the frontend face of the correction head
  • Correction step amount
    1μm(r)±0.5μm / push
  • Shank shape
    ① BT40 (See the figure below)
    ② BT50 (optional)
    ③ HSK63 shank (see the figure below)
    ④ UTS6350 shank (option, see the figure below)
  • Weight
    ≒3kg (For BT40/HSK63/HS63) Does not include boring bar
    * Through spindle coolant is also available as standard specifications.
BT40 specification (Reference)
HSK63 specifications
UTS6350 specifications
Manual correction
Automatic correction

Even when performing presets on/off the machine or when making automatic corrections, you only have to use the push stick to press the plus and minus push buttons as many times as necessary.
The operation is easy and quick, and the tip edge adjustment time can be shortened.