Micron setting tool holder
Product Summary

This is a tool compensation system that uses an aero-hydraulic elastic body for lathe machining of workpiece rotation.
This device consists of a compensation holder part that changes the tool position and a separate air servo controller part that controls the position.
With controlled air/hydraulic pressure. The correction tool holder body is forcibly elastically deformed to operate in micron units.

  • Simple structure
  • The blade tip can be adjusted from outside the machine, making it safe.
  • Correction value change is plus/minus button
  • To change. Anyone can handle it easily.
  • Repeatability is as high as 1 micron
  • There are other variations.
Type 100 tool holder standard specification
  • Corrected working amount: 200 μm (φ0.4 mm)
  • Correction control air pressure: 0-0.4MPa